Welcome to Social Value Housing


To provide quality, sustainable homes to those who need them the most.

Our Aims:

  • To make a surplus and have long term financial strength.
  • To own and manage a minimum of 1,000 sustainable homes by 2030.
  • To create vibrant, multi-tenure communities, in places where our customers want to live that enhance their health, wellbeing and quality of life. 
  • To collaborate with key delivery partners including Homes England, Councils and Charities to deliver the key objectives of SVH.

Our Key Objectives:

  • We will build and manage homes that create market rental, affordable rent and shared ownership homes for people that enhance local communities.
  • We will provide homes that are affordable to run with high energy performance and robust space standards.
  • We will use our experience and agility to drive our business success. We will build on land parcels that are less attractive to mainstream developers (too large for small developers, too small for large developers or which may require funding from Homes England), but nevertheless financially viable by constructing between 5 to 50 homes on sites where we know a demand exists.
  • We form close bonds with a range of stakeholders including Local Authorities, Homes England (through our Investment Partnership) and Charities to ensure we can deliver our key aims.
  • We will ensure that the activities of SVH minimise the impact on climate change, protect the local environment and ecology.
  • We will ensure natural resources are used as sustainably as possible by responsibly sourcing materials, minimising the environmental impact of the materials used and waste produced. 
  • We will use our robust and transparent Governance procedures to ensure our company aims and objectives are met.
  • Through effective and efficient scrutiny and leadership we will hold the SVH business to account.

Social Value Housing Limited is proud to be a Homes England Investment Partner.


Address: 212 Boaler Street, Liverpool, L6 6AE
Mail: info@svhousing.co.uk